Anti Social Behaviour In The Shires Estate

Anti Social Behaviour In The Shires Estate

Most residents on the local Facebook groups will be aware of the large group of youths on bikes causing problems around The Shires estate recently.

Several residents have been complaining (and rightly so) about nuisance bikes riding in the roads around The Shires estate recently. Large groups of youths have been mentioned several times for riding along Lilleburne Drive towards cars and pulling wheelies in the middle of the road whether traffic is around or not as well as reports or underage drinking and drug taking in the park. The police have confirmed that they did make an arrest related to drugs in the park recently.

I have been in touch with the police about this and have had a response from a local PCSO, Tracey Simpson.

Tracey said: “I am fully aware of the incidents regarding the youths at the playground on Lilleburne Drive. The times that I have patrolled the area there have been no substantial evidence to suggest ASB is occurring (apart from a large group of children playing). Regarding drug use Intel has been submitted and also I am aware an arrest was made.

“I have had to have polite / informative words to a group of youths regarding the noise generated from a portable music speaker whilst they were at the park. Since my early intervention with the youths and also outlining the consequences around ASB should any incidents be witnessed or reported, this group has no longer been seen. I do regularly go this area on all shifts (full PNB entry made as and when I am in the area) and I do dedicated a lot of my time to this area.”

She advises residents to call the police on 101 to report any anti-social behaviour and to email her directly (click the email address to add to the part-completed email I’ve written for you) [email protected] with your concerns.

Anti social behaviour

I am now also considering contacting the Head Teacher at Michael Drayton to ask if either the school can address this or if the police could go in and speak to the children.

Having dealt with a 15 year old cyclist who was knocked off his bike and killed just a few weeks back I am taking this seriously and hope we can get something done to nip it in the bud. Nobody wants to see a child hurt or killed.

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