CCTV Sent To Whittleford To Tackle Anti Social Behaviour

CCTV Sent To Whittleford To Tackle Anti Social Behaviour

After months of lobbying the council and police to move the Borough’s CCTV cameras to our area I have finally had some success.

At a recent meeting between Warwickshire Police and officers from Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council it was agreed that the redeployable NOMAD cameras would be moved to an area in Whittleford to help reduce anti-social behaviour.

We have seen a spate of small fires across Galley Common and Whittleford over the last few months as well as a rise in vandalism and more nuisance motorbikes being driven around footpaths and fields.

Just a couple of weeks ago horses escaped from the Galley Common riding school after a long fence at the back was vandalised. Luckily the horses were found and were safely returned. The riding school have worked tirelessly to raise funds for other projects, raising money from local residents like you and I. Mindless acts of vandalism like this can cost a fortune and have a huge impact on the charity and the disabled people who use the facilities.

I am now pushing harder for cameras to cover the area near the entrance to Whytell Pool and Meadows and for some coverage of the fields in Park Lane. Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service have agreed to increase patrols from their BIKE team to try to deal with those responsible for the fires.

In previous meeting with the police they told me that they were unaware of various issues as there had been little or no reports from Galley Common. I encourage any resident to call the police on 101 to report any anti social behaviour as every single report will help our case. I am due to meet with police and the arson reduction team again in a couple of weeks.

CCTV Sent To Deal With Anti Social Behaviour in Whittleford

Warwickshire Police have agreed to send their NOMAD CCTV cameras to Whittleford after a rise in anti social behaviour

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