Dealing with parking problems

Dealing with parking problems

I had to call the Police on 101 to report this van obstructing the public footpath, blocking a disabled resident from being able to get by.

Parking problems across Galley Common and Whittleford

This was posted on Facebook by another resident but the owner didn’t come forward so the police have had to be involved to contact the owner.

The van was moved a short while later but this is becoming a massive problem not just near here in Galley CommonThe Shires & in Whittleford, but across Nuneaton.

It may sound petty and insignificant but parking like this is a massive inconvenience for pedestrians in wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs who sometimes have no other option than to try to enter a busy road to pass.

Here’s some brief information regarding the law on parking from Warwickshire Police:

It’s ok to park on double yellow lines if it’s only for a few minutes
Not true. Unless you have a disabled parking permit you are not permitted to park on double yellow lines at any time and the restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are a very few exceptions to this and there will be signs to indicate times/dates where it may be permitted. You could face a fine of £30 if you park illegally or you could even have your car towed away.

I’ve only parked on the pavement to leave more room on the road
Parking a vehicle on the pavement could lead to an offence of obstruction being committed. This could result in a fixed penalty notice being issued to offending vehicles. It can also cause danger/nuisance for pedestrians and wheelchairs users.

I’m parked on a grass verge, so I should be ok
Again, this is not always true. Vehicles cannot park, either fully or partly, on council-owned grass verges. Often there are local by-laws in place to prevent this, due to the damage vehicles can cause to grass or the need to keep access to properties clear. If the land is privately owned and the landowner gives permission, then you may be able to park on a grass verge lawfully.

I’m dropping off my kids to school, so it’s ok to park on the zig-zig lines outside.
Please park considerately when dropping off children at schools. If you park on zig-zag lines, you could be committing an offence of obstruction, be liable for a £30 parking fine and even have your vehicle impounded, which will then cost a further £150 to release.

I met with an officer from Warwickshire County Council‘s Highways Department again recently and am trying to install a staggered crossing on Whittleford Road near to Spinney Lane as we have massive problems there. I did look into installing a pedestrian crossing on Whittleford Road but this would have meant losing around fifteen parking spaces from the road, something residents were understandably not keen on as parking there is already a problem.

Please park try to park considerately, and if you have any problems with vehicles blocking footpaths you can call the Police on 101 to report it, or let me know if you’d prefer to remain anonymous and I can report it on your behalf.

If you have a regular problems with the same vehicle let me know and I can try to speak to the owner or can ask someone from Warwickshire County Council Highways or Warwickshire Police to speak to them. We have done this numerous times in Whittleford and in Galley Common over the last few months and have resolved longstanding problems between neighbours.

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