Dog Poo Bag Dispensing Stations

Dog Poo Bag Dispensing Stations

Dog mess is massive problem across Galley Common, Whittleford and The Shires and I have been looking at various ways to tackle it since being elected last year.

I’ve looked at various solutions like dog poo DNA testing and dedicated dog waste stations but both are costly, whilst the DNA testing is only likely to work in areas like gated parks where dogs have to be on the system before being allowed to enter.

The various dog waste stations I looked at usually cost a couple of hundred pound per unit and with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Councillors not receiving any kind of funding I carried on searching for solutions until I came across a product by a Scandanavian company called Tikspac.

Following talks I had a meeting at the Town Hall this morning to see a Tikspac-station and to hear more about the concept and how we can get them across Galley Common.

Tikspac stations provide free dog poo bags and can easily be installed on already existing posts. The stations are funded by corporate sponsorship and would not cost the Council a penny apart from having them installed. The waste bags could be refilled at the same time as the bins are emptied.

Tackling dog mess in Galley Common, Whittleford and The Shires

Hopefully having these stations around our walkways and in entrances to Whittleford Park and Whytell Pool and Meadows will encourage their use and the free waste bags will act as a clear reminder to dog owners to pick up after their dogs. They could also help wardens with enforcing fines as there will be no excuse not to use them.

After the meeting I met with one council officer who was happy to support me in pushing this forward. I have had to contact others for their support and for permission before I sign up to anything.

To get these stations for free we would need to sign a four year contract and I may not be a Borough Councillor by the time that contract ends as I will be up for re-election in 2020.

I am now waiting for responses from various officers at the council and will keep you updated. If I do get permission to go ahead we could see these stations being rolled out within three months across Galley Common, Whittleford and The Shires.

If for some reason the Council refuse to allow me to go ahead I will continue to look into other options but I do think they should fully support this as anything to tackle dog mess has to be worth a try.

I am still working on an app/website to report dog mess but it has taken a bit of a back seat with the recent Warwickshire County Council elections and now the General Election as well as being busy with family and work. My plan for the app/website came from schemes like PooWatch in Worcester although I’d like to give residents the option to report more than just dog mess, with fly-tipping another big issue across Nuneaton and Bedworth too as well as graffiti, overgrown hedges etc.

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