Galley Common Water Leak Hit By Further Delays

Galley Common Water Leak Hit By Further Delays

Our newly installed Galley Common river, aka the huge water leak on Plough Hill Road in Galley Common, continues to gush water after six weeks!

Plough Hill Road is still closed following the burst water main at the end of November and the electronic signage was updated this week to advise that the road could be closed until 22 January. 

Plough Hill Road water leak delayed end of January 2018

I spoke with Severn Trent Water on social media early in December but wasn’t given a great deal of information. I chased it up via one of the Highways officers at Warwickshire County Council in the middle of December and was told that the repairs were worse than expected and that an extended permit had been granted for the works to be completed by 29 December.

Galley Common Infant School informed residents over the Christmas period that they had been told by Severn Trent that the work was again delayed and had been pushed back till 8 January. I then heard from someone else that the work would take at least another week and wouldn’t be finished until the 15th. I checked the Severn Trent website and found no information or press releases about this.


It’s now 11 January and Plough Hill Road is still closed with no sign of an end and there is still no information available about the delays on Severn Trent’s website or social media, in fact they fail to even mention the leak despite having published Press Releases about similar issues in other areas.

On Monday I sent another lengthy email but it’s now Thursday and I have had no response so far.

I have again been speaking with an officer from Warwickshire County Council Highways over the last couple of days and he advised that the delays were due to the unexpected poor state of the main and that major repair works are still ongoing.

Plough Hill Road Galley Common water leak

ST plan on having the work completed by next Wednesday (15 January) but the permit has been extended to the 22nd in case they encounter any further problems.

I’ve also arranged for the WCC Street Works team to attend to inspect the road surface and footpaths for any damage and arrange repairs before Severn Trent pack up.

I mentioned that the diversions in place have added a significant amount of travel time to journeys, especially during peak hours and said that those taking children to school from Galley Common across to the primary and senior schools in Hartshill have seen what is usually a ten minute round trip take over an hour.

The small businesses on Hickman Road and on Chesterton Drive in Galley Common have reported to have lost business and have been noticeably quieter than usual so I have asked Severn Trent if they will be offering anything to those businesses and residents affected by the leak.

Fingers crossed this is repaired next week as planned!


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