Kind Donations Keep Life Saver On The Road

Kind Donations Keep Life Saver On The Road

A campaign to keep a life saving volunteer on the road in Nuneaton ended in success over the summer.

Jean Harris, Nuneaton’s award winning Community First Responder, faced losing her ambulance response vehicle after funds could not be raised to keep the vehicle insured and on the road. The car was donated by Research Garage in Nuneaton and is used by Jean to respond to medical emergencies as a first response to render aid before an ambulance arrives on scene.

Hearing of the news, local Conservative Councillor for Dan Gissane contacted Jean and offered to help with fundraising. An online campaign was set up to raise nearly £1000 to cover the cost of the annual insurance policy.

Cllr Gissane who represents Galley Common on both the Borough and County Council works in the ambulance service as a Controller and knows first hand how much of a vital resource Jean is to the town.

Cllr Gissane said: “I know how much of vital resource the responder car is. Having a reliable car is a huge help and when I heard that she faced losing the response vehicle I stepped in and offered to help with raising money.

“Having spent 10 years working in the ambulance control centre covering I am aware that Jean is one of the most active Community First Responders in Warwickshire. Jean dedicates her life to helping others and regularly gives up her time to respond to Nuneaton residents in their hour of need, often volunteering for over 250 hour every month.”

Cllr Gissane set up a Just Giving page and shared it across local Facebook groups and on local website and was pleased to see hundreds of pounds of donations in the first day alone.

Nuneaton’s voice in parliament Marcus Jones MP stepped in with a sizeable donation and the campaign received a further boost when a specialist insurance policy was negotiated via the ambulance service, saving hundreds of pounds.

Dan Gissane Jean Harris and Marcus Jones MP

Councillor Dan Gissane with CFR Jean Harris and Marcus Jones MP

The campaign ended having successfully raised over £900, enough to cover the insurance policy for another year.

Jean was delighted with the public response and has received several messages of support. Many residents commented with stories of how Jean had helped them or their loved ones.

She said: “I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity. I am overwhelmed by the way people of Nuneaton have responded and and would like to say a special thanks to Marcus Jones for his support, to Research Garage for donating the car and to Dan Gissane for all of his support.”

Marcus Jones MP said: “Jean does a phenomenal job supporting the work of the ambulance service in her spare time. Research Garage have provided Jean with tremendous support and it’s a privilege to be able to add a little bit of help to keep the service going.”

Councillor Gissane added: “The people of this town continue to amaze me. I would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your kind donations. Jean is a fantastic asset to our community and I hope we can continue to support her efforts for many years to come.”

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