Plough Hill Road Water Leak Update

Plough Hill Road Water Leak Update

It’s frustrating that the Plough Hill Road water leak saga is still ongoing, with the road still closed and not expected to be open for possibly another week. Closing the road, one of the only routes in and out of Galley Common, has caused huge problems for locals and is affecting businesses in the area.

The leak started at the end of November has been causing issues since. The Telegraph reported the delays in starting the repairs in mid-December and it was hoped that the work would be carried out and finished before the New Year.

The diversions in place have added a significant amount of travel time to journeys, especially during peak hours. Parents taking children to school from Galley Common across to the primary and senior schools over in Hartshill have seen what is usually a ten minute round trip take an hour or more.

“Severn Trent are also being fined £750 a day for being there so are also eager to get off site as soon as they can”

My understanding is that the damage to the pipes was much more than severe than first expected and this has caused further delays. What has been disappointing is the lack of information available from Severn Trent Water. We’ve seen no information on their website or social media and most of the updates have come from local business owners speaking to the staff working on the repairs.

One of my concerns is that the thousands of gallons of water could have caused significant damage to the surface of the road but we won’t know until the leak has been successfully repaired.

I have met with Highways officers from Warwickshire County Council several times over the last few weeks to discuss this and have arranged for an inspection of the road once the repairs have been completed, hopefully next week.

One of the Highways officers told me this week that “unfortunately this job turned out to be a lot more complicated than was originally predicted and required a specialist team and a lot of large equipment.

“Our highways inspector has visited site every day to check up on progress and to ensure works are continuing as expeditiously as possible. Severn Trent are also being fined £750 a day for being there, so are also eager to get off site as soon as they can.

“Whilst we appreciate this has been a major inconvenience to local residents and business owners this is the main feeder main into Nuneaton and would have left thousands of homes, and the hospital without supply.”

I do appreciate that the work is not straightforward and am grateful to Severn Trent for keeping the disruption of the water supply at a minimum, especially over the Christmas period, but do hope to see an end to it soon and would ask if they plan to compensate any of the local residents for any extra mileage incurred and to local business owners for the loss of business.

  • Louise shayle
    Posted at 14:30h, 17 January Reply

    Having to go all the way around sometimes 4 times a day has caused extra cost that I really did not need to be paying for so long.

    • Dianne Compton
      Posted at 16:25h, 17 January Reply

      Park your car the other side and use those things we call. Legs?

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