Self Defence class to raise money for life saving equipment

Self Defence class to raise money for life saving equipment

A kind hearted martial artist from Nuneaton has joined forces with a local councillor to help save lives.

Steven Robinson, owner of Robinson Tae Kwon Do, has teamed up with Galley Common Councillor Dan Gissane to help raise funds to purchase life saving defibrillators for the local community.

Following a number of violent attacks across Nuneaton recently Steven decided to organise a two-hour self defence class aimed at secondary school aged children and adults and will cover a range of techniques. Steven has decided to donate all proceeds of the session to Cllr Gissane’s defibrillator fund.

Cllr Gissane has secured two defibrillators worth around £1000 each and is now trying raise at least £1200 to purchase secure cabinets to house them.

The defibrillators will be placed inside lockable cabinets within the community and can only be accessed by entering a code given out by the Ambulance Service during a 999 call for a person in cardiac arrest or believed to be highly like to suffer a cardiac arrest imminently.

Approximately 75,000 people die from a cardiac arrest each year in the UK. The sooner a patient in cardiac arrest can be defibrillated the greater the chance of survival.

Cllr Gissane said: “I am grateful for Steven’s kind offer to donate all proceeds from the event to help pay for this equipment. Early use of a defibrillator gives the patient the best possible chance of surviving a cardiac arrest and being resuscitated. The defibrillators are completely automatic and can be used by any member of the public with no prior training, with assistance from the ambulance service during a 999 call.

“This event is a great opportunity for local residents to learn some useful self-defence skills whilst at the same time raising money for a fantastic cause that could save lives. I hope residents from Galley Common and beyond will come along and support us.”

Steven Robinson said “After hearing about people being attacked locally I wanted to offer the community an opportunity to learn some basic Self-Defence skills and make them feel more confident about what to do in certain threatening situations, I saw that Cllr Dan Gissane was trying to raise money for his defibrillator fund and thought why not help the local community in more ways than one, I myself have been defibrillator trained and know how important this life saving equipment can be”.

The self defence session costs £5 to take part and will take place at St Peter’s Church Hall in Galley Common on Saturday 30 September from 6pm – 8pm.

For more information please contact either Robinson TKD or Cllr Dan Gissane.

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